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Mohbe specialise in providing real estate agents with mobile phone property listing websites without the agent having to do anything. Each mobile phone property website has its own unique QR Code and Mohbe tiny url making it easy for property seekers to navigate to through their mobile phone.
welcome to mohbe
QR Property Codes
Each property is allocated a unique QR Code which is a 2D barcode allowing property seekers to scan it through their mobile phone camera. Once the phone registers the QR Code the browser in the mobile phone will direct the user to the Mohbe mobile phone website for that property.
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Mohbe Tiny url
Users who do not have a camera phone can enter the Mohbe tiny url into the browser of their mobile phone which will then direct the property seeker to the Mohbe mobile phone website for that property.
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Mobile Phone Property Website
Mohbe mobile phone websites allow property seekers to view all property details, images, plans, map, tours and contact details for a property through their mobile phone. It's great for property seekers who are outside a property, reading a paper, looking through a brochure or viewing a window display.
welcome to mohbe
Better Marketing, More Enquiries
You will receive more leads as property seekers can obtain ALL property information at anytime and anywhere through their mobile phone. You will receive more leads as Users can telephone, text or email you by selecting this option in their mobile.
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  • Create a free Account.
  • Request your real estate software company to send us your property listings; or Manually enter your listings into
  • Our system automatically creates your mobile phone & normal property listing website.
  • You are emailed a QR Code & tiny url for your property listing.
  • You display the QR Code or tiny url on all print advertising material for that property.
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Mobile Phone Website

Have an individual mobile phone property website for every single property. Learn more ...

qr code
QR Code &
Tiny URL

Property seekers can take a photo of the QR Code or type the Tiny url into their phones web browser. Learn more ...

Your Dashboard

Manage imported properties or add properties manually along with view page impressions for each mobile property website. Learn more ...

where to display
Where to

Advertise your QR Code or Tiny Url on all print media created for your property listings. Read more ...

How Mohbe Can Help You?
How Mohbe Can Help You?

Our robust mobile platform is effortless for you and provides you with another marketing option.
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Mobile Phone Statistics
Mobile Phone Statistics

Have a browse at the latest mobile phone statistics along with view different mobile phone QR Code readers. View more ...

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Still Not Sure About

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